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“Tombstone” (1993) is a Western film that tells the story of Wyatt Earp and his brothers settling in Tombstone, Arizona, in the 1880s. Wyatt, hoping to retire quietly, finds himself drawn into a conflict with a gang of outlaws called the Cowboys, led by “Curly Bill” Brocuis. He reunites with his old friend Doc Holliday, a gunfighter battling tuberculosis, and despite trying to avoid trouble, chaos ensues.

Genres: Western, Biography, Drama, History, Epic

Is “Tombstone” Worth The Watch?

7.8/10 IMDb Rating.
93% Rotten Tomatoes Audience Score.
3.8/5 Letterboxd Rating.

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My Rating For The Average Movie Viewer

Must Watch Films Movie Rating Worth Meter, Worth It

4/5 Worth It

My Rating for Someone Who Likes the Genre, Actor, Director, or Similar Movies

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5/5 Must Watch

Who Is This Movie For? Who Will Enjoy It The Most?

“”Tombstone” has something for everyone, but it’s a real treat for certain audiences. If you love Westerns, you’ll appreciate the classic gunfights and frontier justice. History buffs will enjoy the dramatized but real events and figures from the Old West. Action fans will be hooked by the intense shootouts, while drama lovers will find the strong character development and personal conflicts engaging. Val Kilmer’s performance as Doc Holliday is a highlight, making it a must-see for his fans. The movie’s appeal also extends to those who love stories about lawmen versus outlaws, ensemble casts, and quotable dialogue. Overall, if you enjoy Westerns, historical dramas, or films with standout performances, “Tombstone” is definitely for you.

My Quick Spoiler-Free Thoughts

“Tombstone” is a highly entertaining Western that combines historical drama with superb acting, particularly Val Kilmer’s standout performance as Doc Holliday. The story is straightforward and engaging, with a gripping start and strong character introductions. The film offers high entertainment value with its tension-filled scenes and memorable dialogue. While the third act felt a bit rushed, the overall execution is solid, making it a must-watch for genre fans and a worthwhile watch for general audiences. The visuals, music, and world-building effectively immerse you in the Old West, and the well-placed humor adds to the film’s charm. “Tombstone” stands out with its quotable lines and well-written characters, making it a rewatchable classic.

Cast & Crew

  • Director: George P. Cosmatos
  • Writers: Kevin Jarre (also known for “Glory” and “The Mummy”)
  • Main Actors:
    • Kurt Russell (as Wyatt Earp) (also known for “Escape from New York” and “The Thing”)
    • Val Kilmer (as Doc Holliday) (also known for “Top Gun” and “The Doors”)
    • Sam Elliott (as Virgil Earp) (also known for “The Big Lebowski” and “A Star Is Born”)
    • Bill Paxton (as Morgan Earp) (also known for “Aliens” and “Twister”)
    • Powers Boothe (as Curly Bill Brocious) (also known for “Deadwood” and “Sin City”)
    • Michael Biehn (as Johnny Ringo) (also known for “The Terminator” and “Aliens”)
    • Dana Delany (as Josephine Marcus) (also known for “China Beach” and “Desperate Housewives”)
  • Music Director: Bruce Broughton (also known for “Silverado” and “Homeward Bound: The Incredible Journey”)
  • Cinematography/Director of Photography: William A. Fraker (also known for “Bullitt” and “Rosemary’s Baby”)
  • Editor: Frank J. Urioste (also known for “Die Hard” and “RoboCop”), Harvey Rosenstock (also known for “Scent of a Woman”), and Roberto Silvi (also known for “The Three Burials of Melquiades Estrada”)
  • Casting: Lora Kennedy (also known for “Argo” and “The Matrix”)
  • Production Design: Catherine Hardwicke (also known for “Twilight” and “Thirteen”)
  • Art Direction: Chris Gorak (also known for “Minority Report”), Kim Hix (also known for “Vampires”), and Mark Worthington (also known for “WandaVision”).
  • Set Decorator: Gene Serdena (also known for “Her” and “Inception”)
  • Costume Design: Joseph A. Porro (also known for “Stargate” and “Independence Day”)

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